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JOINING THE WORLD IN PRAYER The Shree Ghanapathy Temple is one of the most innovative Hindu Temples of its kind. Since our opening in 1981 we have developed an unparalleled approach to serving the Hindu community in London whilst also contributing and supporting the multi-cultural and diverse country that we live in.

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We are live streaming our daily evening and special ceremonies, for our schedule please see our Facebook page.

You can make a booking for an Archanai, or other service using our on-line booking facility. 

The Shree Ghanapathy Temple has been operating as a Hindu place of worship for over 35 years. From its first service on Sunday 12th September 1981. The Shree Ghanapathy Temple has grown and adapted to the changing needs of our Hindu Community. The focus has shifted. over the decades, to meet the changing needs of the devotees – from that of purely religious worship, to a more holistic approach in providing for the spiritual. moral and emotional needs of the community. Our temple is fortunate to have a group of amazing volunteers, made up from some of the different groups who use the Temple and its facilities.
These volunteers are the cogs which keep the Temple moving and help to ensure that the Temple runs seamlessly throughout the year. The Temple was created to serve Lord Ganesha and His devotees-to give spiritual and emotional comfort to all those who need it. We have no fixed rates for basic religious services at the Temple. Our basic principle is that the Temple is open to all who wish to come and pray, regardless of wealth or status, social background or creed. The principle ethos that runs through all our work in the Temple is that “Makkal Sevai Mahesan Sevai” – “Service to Man is Service to God”.


The Temple is Temporarily Closed to Devotees and Visitors. You can watch our ceremonies via our YouTube channel or Facebook page

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday 9am-10pm, Fridays 8.30am-10.30pm.
We provide all the services of a traditional South Indian Hindu Temple and celebrate all major Hindu festivals

Forthcoming Festivals

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Joining the world in prayer - We have always been focussed on providing the best facilities we can for our devotees

“Makkal Sevai Mahesan Sevai” – “Service to Man is Service to God”

Support the Temple and our projects

There are many ways that you can help to create a legacy of Hindu faith and education for our future generations living here in the UK. If you would like to sponsor a part of the Moolasthanam (main shrine) or another part of the project, please contact us