Milestones & Highlights over the past 3 Decades

Major Milestones in the Temple’s Development:

1980 – Churchill Halls purchased
1981 – Temple opens with the deities:

Moolasthana Ghanapathy Utsavar Ghanapathy Mooshikam/Palipeedum Nadarajar/Sivakami Venkateshwarar/Sridevi/Bhoodevi Sri Ayyappan

Subramanyam/Valli/Theivayaani Radha b Krishna in white marble Navagrahas
1983 – Installation of: Ambaal and Sandiheshwara

1991 – Outside Kalasams Installed on the roof of the Temple and the Sai Mandir

1993 – Outside Ganesha installed
Mooshikam/Palipeedam/Sthampapillayar were re-consecrated again after the rebuild of central altar area because of the intended commencement of Thiruvizhla festival the following year.
1996 – Installation of: Panchamuha Ghanapathy Dakshinamurthy
1997 – The first Mahotsavam (Annual Thiruvilzha Summer Festival) held with a Ther traversing the temple grounds.

1998 – The first time that Lord Ganesha was taken out onto the four streets surrounding the Temple during the 2nd Mahotsavam

1999 – Installation of Gayathri and the 1st Founder’s Day – annual celebration of faith, music and dance in memory of Mr. A. T. S Ratnasingham
2000 – 1st Annual Thiagarajah Utsavam
2001 – Swami materialised a Maragatha Lingam fiai ??,. Rwnwmgm*, which is used in daily prayer at the Temple.
2003 – The first annual Chandiha Homam held
2005 – The Upper Hall, providing purpose built teaching rooms, was built and a Yogaswami picture and altar was installed.
2006 – 25th Anniversary of the Temple
2009 – The need for reconstruction decided and the search for a Stapathy begins.

2011 – Management Committee formed and planning begins.

2012 – Stapathi selected and first drawings made.

January 2013 – First public announcement of intention to rebuild the Temple.

22nd January 2014 – Balasthapanam -moving deities into adjoining hall

6th April 2014 – Foundation Ceremony for new Moolasthanam

25 January 2015 Maha KUMBHABHISHEKAM

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