We provide all the services of a traditional South Indian Hindu Temple and celebrate all major Hindu festivals

Our dedicated team of Hindu Priests conduct four formal Poojas (religious services) each day.

They are also available to perform Archanais (individual religious service) throughout the day.

In the Temple our Priests conduct many of the Samskara (key life stage/rites of passage) ceremonies such as:

Traditional Hindu weddings, Baby blessing ceremonies and Thivasam (memorial ceremonies).
Our off-site services include Weddings (at other venues), Punyavaachanams (House cleansing ceremony),
Funeral & Last Rites Ceremonies and Memorial services.

Daily Services: 10.00, 12.00, 17.00 & 20.00
Daily Abishekhams: 11.00

Special Abishekhams: Fridays & Auspicious Days – 19.00
Sundays – 11.00 (Other days by request).

Guided tours for schools, teacher-training colleges, other educational establishments and other religious groups are available by appointment.

Religious instruction classes (in English), religious music classes, yoga and other religious-based cultural activities take place throughout the week.
A small library of religious books is available for reference

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