The Cub Scouts, Scouts and Young Leaders enthusiastically participate in many of the district and regional events organised by our local Scouting Organisation. Our Scouts have won the annual County Cooking competition and also-District Scouts Quiz. The cubs have also won the District Cub Scout Chess Competition! They have participated in the annual Sunday Remembrance Day Services in Wimbledon Village, the annual Church Services, sports activities and many team building opportunities. They have had their weekend camp, sleeping under canvas, have enjoyed making (and sailing!) their own rafts down a local river, have learnt how to chop wood, build fires, cook outdoors, build huge aerial bridges, learnt how to shootand do archery, and to steer a canal boat!

They have also learnt how to map read in the dark, in sub-zero temperatures, in the middle of a forest, learning to keep each other’s spirits up and working together as a team to find their way back to base camp! There have been many great memories shared, lots of laughter and fun. but also great commitment and hard work shown by leaders. parents and children to get this new venture up and running. And none of this would have been possible without the amazing generosity of Scouting Organisation volunteers.
With their help, and the help of many other leaders from other scout groups in the Wimbledon and Wandle District, who have shared their knowledge and experience of scouting with such incredible generosity of spirit, they have allowed a group of young Hindu girls and boys (and adults!) to stretch their horizons, to step beyond their comfort zones
and to harness a wealth of inner strength, courage and the sheer joy of learning new life-
affirming skills in the great outdoors – which will stand them in good stead long after they have outgrown their scouting uniforms.

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