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In The Community


We have always been a proactive contributor to the community as a whole.

Our Schools Partnership Educational Programme is focussed on supporting cross-cultural educational activities. This includes visits to the Temple, by over 3000 school children each year (in addition to teacher training colleges and interfaith groups), who come to learn about Hinduism and the South Asian community. Our volunteers also go into schools and universities to run workshops and teach aspects of Hinduism and South Asian culture.

Our educational facilities provide for the teaching of Indian religious classical music, dance, yoga and spiritual education for both adults and children throughout the week. These classes are open for attendance by members of any community.

The Sunday Spiritual Education classes are attended by children ranging from 4 to 16 years of age. Here they learn not only about the Hindu faith, but also about all the other major religions of the world, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.

Religious festivals from the other faiths are also celebrated in the adjoining multi-faith hall - the Sai Mandir.

In September 2012, we formed the 23rd Wimbledon Scout Group, the first scout group to be formed and run in a Temple in the whole of Europe. We currently have a Cub Scout Group, a Scout Group and also Explorers/Young Leaders.

We have always been an active contributor to Interfaith Activities both within Merton and also across London. We represent Hinduism on the London Borough of Merton’s Interfaith Forum, Merton SACRE and volunteers are also Hindu Chaplains at Kingston University, Roehampton University and St George's Hospital. In conjunction with the Hospital Chaplain at Croydon University Hospital, a full Hindu Chaplaincy has been created. This consists of a group of trained volunteers who visit Hindu patients in hospital, providing the ability to communicate in several Asian languages, as well as counselling and support to deal with illness and bereavement.

In partnership with the NHS, emotional and psychological counselling has been provided at the Temple since 2010. The weekly group and one-to-one sessions offer the support of Tamil speaking counsellors. This service is part of a ground-breaking project in healthcare services in the NHS.

The Temple also contributes regularly to BBC Broadcasts, such as the World Service, Radio 4 and the ‘Pause for Thought’ programmes on Radio 2.

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